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Our company focuses on creating and producing theatrical presentations that push the boundaries of the human condition through strong artistic risks. Since our company has no home of its own and is therefore orphaned, we are called The Foundling’s Theatre. We focus on plays that deal with the exploration of relationships formed between people in exile or mourning. We are committed to the development of new works and new artists that wish to expand the current social dialogue with a fresh and unique perspective.

As a starting out Theatre Company we need support in order to put up quality theatre. Since Foundling means Orphan and that means we’re poor, we could really use your kindness.

Like to get a little something when you donate?

Will will accept any amount, but for $100 Dollars you can get your name in the program for a season.

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Make it payable to:
The Foundling's Theatre Company
4347 N Hazel, APT 2
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