Windblown wail

Written and directed by Robert Francis Curtis

July 25
th through August 4th
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM
Sunday Matinees at 12:30 PM

In 1988, a boy met a girl and fell in love. Over the course of five years that love is tested by drug abuse, family, illness, infidelity, and unexpected surprises. Throughout all of it, jack and Cassidy attempt
navigate commitment when everything they’ve been taught about love and happiness is wrong.

Featuring two rotating casts:

Tara Grace Southard* as Cassidy
Stephen Bisinger as Jack

Alyssa Thordarson* as Cassidy
D.J. Douglass* as Jack

Colin M. Rice, Stage Manager

All performances will be at The Heartland Studio
7016 N. Glenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60626

A star (*) beside name indicates company member

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