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A Midwest premiere! To the New Girl: Sound Advice for my Former Husband's Wife or Mistress is a show for anyone (including men) who has ever been broken up with. 10 women, ages 20-80 and from all walks of life, get to do what most of us only dream of: tell the new person in their ex’s life what they have just gotten themselves into. Some give warnings. Some offer threats. Some even share great advice. What they all have in common is a sense of humor. From Zoe, who discovers her partner is now sharing their kink with another woman who has an X-rated email address to Melanie’s murderous rampage you will experience all of the sexy, dark, funny, painful moments found in a breakup. Wishing you had gotten in-your-face closure? 65 year old Jewish grandmother Miriam is for you. Missed getting a big payout? Delight in Bethany, the TV preacher’s wife, who makes the situation work to her advantage. You will also get to witness generosity, grief, strength and hope. You may even shed a tiny tear or two (including men).

This show is not for the faint of heart. This ain’t no “chick flick” play. This is a “fight club” with a dark sense of humor and a woman’s touch. We dare you not to laugh.
The play is funny, it's dark, and even just a little bit kinky.

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The world has ended in a rapture that has proven that a higher power did exist. Those who remain struggle to hide from the eyes of Hell. As Hell seeks out any living flesh in the form of creatures known as Banshees. In the middle of this world we come across two survivors on a journey to find a home. Sue, a young woman, has found a companion in a former pastor who helps her find her way back to the north woods where she hopes her father is waiting for her. When she finds his cabin she meets a struggling group of others who know what happened to her father but seem afraid to tell her. When one in the group is fatally wounded, and the eyes of Hell turning towards the cabin, the group begins to debate whether to stay and accept their fate or to flea and continue on in the cold..
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The Foundlings Theatre Company is giving back with a charity event. Come out and enjoy Sketch, Solo, and Improv this Sunday. $5 donation or 3 canned goods will get you in. Absolutely everything we collect will go straight to Lakeview Pantry for Christmas Dinners.  Who ever knew giving to charity could be so much fun?
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Gorilla Tango’s Skokie Theatre and The Foundling’s Theatre Company present a 24 Hour Shakespeare Reading Festival on April 23rd, 2013. Starting at 6:00 am on April 23rd, 2013 and going until 6:00 am on April 24th, 2013, the festival will include seven unabridged readings of William Shakespeare’s classics ranging from tragedy to comedy. An ensemble of thirty actors will perform every role throughout the day.

6:01 AM Much Ado About Nothing Directed by Tara Grace Southard and John Mobley
9:31 AM Julius Ceasar Directed by John Mobley
1:01 PM The Comedy of Errors Directed by Robert Francis Curtis
4:01 PM Romeo and Juliet Directed by D.J. Douglass
8:01 PM Taming of the Shrew Directed by Harrison Hapin
11:31 PM Twelfth Night Directed by Matt Pratt

3:01 AM MacBeth Directed by Shane Abbott

The Foundling's Theatre Company presents
"The Homeless Comedy Showcase."

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    A one night fundraising event to help The Foundling's present their first full length theatre production, Windblown Wail, an original work by Resident Playwright Robert Francis Curtis. Get ready for a fantastic night of hilarity featuring the all female sketch troupe Heavy Flo, Studio Be regulars Not a Banana Baton!, and the improv troupe Butt Dawg. We also have some special surprised guests lined up.
    Tickets will be $12 at the door, $10 with a student ID. But wait... if you puchase you're tickets online ahead of time, you can take advantage of our special coupon giving you an even lower price!
    This event is BYOB, so come on out to Studio Be on April 3rd at 8 pm to support new local theater.

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